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How to take good Etsy Product Photos for your Etsy shop?

How to take good Etsy Product Photos for your Etsy shop?

If you want to succeed on Etsy, you need to have good Etsy product photos. Simple.

Your product photos are so important that I believe they could make or break a shop.

They are important because they are likely the first thing your customers will see from your shop when searching for your products.

They are important because they are likely to be the reason why someone will have clicked on your listing.

They are important because they give so much information that a potential customer needs to be converted into a real customer.

So after saying that, what does it take to have good product pictures you might ask? Well, it clearly takes some practice but it is perfectly doable by anyone, even without any knowledge in product photography.

Here are the 5 key points you should focus on when taking your Etsy product photos.

Clear & Light

Your photo should appeal to your customers straight away, after only a split second. To do that, your product should be clearly visible in your photos.

To do that, I usually recommend Etsy sellers to take their photos on a white or simple background. You want to avoid anything in the background that might clash with the product itself.

Using natural light is usually the best (and cheapest) option when it comes to product photography.

So simply put your item on a white background such as white paper or white fabric in front of your best window and snap some shots.

You can also easily remove the background from your photos using apps or software such as Canva (free) or Photoshop (paid).


I usually recommend Etsy sellers to use what they have to take their product photos. Clearly a professional camera is going to give you better results than an old smartphone but one of them is also much more expensive.

So simply use the best equipment you have in your possession and start. Eventually, when you will have made some sales and feel like you can invest in better equipment, then why not buy a professional camera.

When using your smartphone (or camera), make sure to choose the best quality and resolution settings you can have and never zoom in in order to avoid pixelation.


It is extremely important that your Etsy product photos have some kind of cohesion when looking at your shop.

So if your main pictures are on a white background, then you should aim to have the same on all your products.

You should also aim to have cohesion between your product photos and your whole shop meaning with your logo, banner, etc…

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Your photos should answer the maximum of questions your potential customers might ask you.

I always say the same saying I once read which I found very true about Etsy: “Write your description as if you didn’t have any photos and take your photos as if you didn’t have any description”.

What answers and relevant information could you include in your photos? The usual ones are the size guide, the materials used, the colors available, etc but why not add even more relevant information with care instructions or shop reviews.

You should always try to include pictures of what the product will look like when used or worn, as well as all the angles possible.

Try and add photos that will answer all questions your potential customers may ask as well as remove all their doubts about your products and your shop.

Better than your competitor

Before they start taking their product pictures, I always recommend Etsy sellers to check their competitors.

What kind of photos are they taking? What background are they using? How are they showing the product being used in their photos? What information can you get only from looking at their photos?

Once you have a general idea of what your competitors do, try and do even better!

Your competitors all show only one photo of the product in action? Put two in two different scenarios/scenes.

Your competitors barely include information about the size of the product? Create a clear and full size guide with both inches and centimeters.

And that’s it! When following these key elements, your product photos will make the buying process of your customers so much easier and as a result, bring you more sales.

Having good product photos is key so grab your smartphone or camera and create some fantastic pictures that everyone will love sharing on social media!

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