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Etsy Promoted Listings: the secret that helped me turn $500 into $6,000

Etsy Promoted Listings: How to use them effectively

Etsy Promoted Listings, it’s THE controversial topic on Etsy. Does it really work? How to use them effectively? Can I really have a big return on my investment? It is so controversial that opinions are clear cut: some adore them while others hate them. For my part, I’m more of those who can only see positive in Etsy Promoted Listings. After testing different techniques, I found the secret that allows me to earn 10 times more than my initial investment. After reading this article, you should have a better understanding of why and how you can use Etsy Promoted Listings to increase your sales. What are Promoted Listings? Promoted listings...

What I learned from the Etsy Made Local Market – Brighton 2018

what-to learn-etsy-made-local-market

Etsy Made Local Market was in full swing last weekend all over the world. It was an opportunity to discover the Etsy creators near you and prepare your Christmas shopping. I had the wonderful chance to go to the Brighton Market, UK for the second time, a real pleasure! As shoppers, if I can give you only one advice when going to the Etsy Christmas Markets it’s to get there the earliest possible! This way, you will avoid the queue that grows as the day goes. Advice being even more important when it’s raining cats and dogs! It is also an opportunity to fall in love with beautiful stalls, superb...